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Engineered for
Longest Total Distance

The LTDx family has been designed from the inside out to deliver the Longest Total Distance. Using strategic weighting, premium materials and more intelligent designs, we have unlocked the ultimate combination of zero CG and high MOI to bring you faster ball speed with extreme forgiveness.

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The LTDx driver has been re-engineered to make you faster. Drawing on years of feedback and testing from some of the longest hitters on Tour, our engineers have created the first driver to achieve the combination of low spin, fast ball speed, and extreme forgiveness that can help every player achieve their Longest Total Distance.

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The power behind the LTDx irons begins at the core. Our most flexible construction uses a steel core bar that is suspended in a soft polymer to unleash more distance with exceptional feel. Available in variable and ONE Length.

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The LTDx fairways have all of the key elements that deliver the best performance possible in a fairway wood - a faster face design for speed, a low CG for high launch, and now even more weight low and forward to create powerful distance. Three different models give you more options to find your perfect fairway.

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The LTDx hybrids are built to help you power through any lie. Swing confidently with a faster face design fueled by PWRSHELL, and Baffler rails that glide effortlessly through all turf conditions - tight lies, rough and even bunkers.

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Air X mens driver face view